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Legal Services
Deceased estate administration We provide an administration of deceased estates service, which involves: The acceptance of the appointment as executor or executor's agent on deceased estates Attending to the winding up of the deceased estate as required by law. At a difficult time for all families, we work with you and your financial adviser to make sure that we provide an efficient service.
Estate planning .. is the process of anticipating and arranging, during a person's life, for the management and disposal of that person's estate during the person's life and at and after death, while minimizing gift, estate, generation skipping transfer, and income tax.
Drafting of wills It is not uncommon that relatives wish to pass down family heirlooms or items that hold great sentimental value to them. Drafting a will and ensuring effective estate planning has been conducted ensures solvency in the estate and prevents insolvency. Dying without leaving a will rules out the option of passing down gifts or the opportunity to voluntarily deal with different family dynamics such as children that a new partner may have previously had. More detailed instructions will be ruled out such as burial wishes or uncommon religious requests.